Welcome to my lair… er… website.

It’s a little sparse at the moment.  Still trying to decide on a color scheme.  How many skull themed objects is too many.  What sort of shelves I need for all of the comic related items and the metric fuckton of books.  Why that spring in the middle of the room is spewing blood instead of the healing waters promised in the listing…

For now, take a seat in my chair.  No, seriously, it’s a chair, I promise.  Yes, I know the frame is cracked.  Uh-huh.  Yeah, the stuffing is… okay, but it’s only one spring poking you in the ass.  It could totally be worse.


Anyway… big things in the next few weeks and the coming month.  Stay tuned.  If you can get the cable box to turn on.  I think it might have a poltergeist.  Or something.


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